Outsourced Marketing Director and Non-Exec Director

When you are looking to grow your business, you need an experienced head to help drive your marketing efforts forwards. By Bringing in Ben as an outsourced marketing director or non-exec director you will be able to gain the benefits of his vast range of skills, knowledge and contacts within the industry. Take a look at his previous experience here , and get in touch to speak with Ben about working with you and your business.

Marketing Buzzword to Marketing Authority - The Book

In March 2019 Ben released his book; Marketing Buzzword to Marketing Authority. In this book Ben shares his unique insights and ideas into using a marketing buzzword in order to build personal brand authority and business authority. He shares case studies from people and brands who have done this and who are reaping the rewards of such an approach. You can get the book through Amazon, or you can drop Ben a message directly.

International Conference Speaker & Panelist

Since 2015 Ben has been blowing the minds of audiences across five countries (and still counting). Ben covers a range of marketing topics from strategy and personal branding to online reviews and marketing buzzwords. In each talk he gives practical and actionable tips to marketers, business owners and organisations who want to make the most over every hour and pound (or dollar) invested in marketing. For Ben it's about finding the best balance of resources to ensure goals are exceeded.

Bespoke Marketing Consultancy, Training and Mentoring

Over the past decade Ben has spent year building and honing his marketing skill set. This knowledge and experience he now shares with other marketers and business owners. Ben will either come into your business, work with you on a one-to-one level or provide bespoke training for your team. Each and every session provides will be exclusive to your business, with your goals, your industry and your resources in mind.

The Marketing Buzzword Podcast

Since January 2018 The Marketing Buzzword Podcast has helped to dissect and debunk the world of marketing buzzwords. Each week Ben brings on experts from the world of business and marketing to demystify a specific buzzzword, to help his audience understand how it can be applied to their business (or why it shouldn't be). This renowned podcast is s key resource to marketers across the world.

Free Marketing Resources

Ben's time isn't free, but he does create content for you to download and use, completely free of charge. In this section of the website you will find a range of free resources for you to download and use as you see fit. Ben is always looking to create more resources too, so if you have any ideas, suggestions or questions please fire away!