Digital Marketing Consultant, Speaker, Podcaster and Blogger. What do you need Ben for?

Marketing is easy . . . well it can be. However, it can also be a very complex, daunting, jargon filled and time-consuming process. That’s where Ben can help . . .

Ben will help you and your business to understand who are the potential customers you are trying to reach, discover and create a plan to hook in those customers, followed up with strategies to help you maximise retention and increase the life-time-value (LTV) of each and every customer.

Some of the marketing services Ben offers as part of his consultancy include:

•Marketing Audits & Reviews

•Marketing Research & Discovery

•Marketing Planning & Strategy Creation

•Mentoring & Coaching

•Training & Workshops

Because, its not just about the single campaign or customer, it’s about building a comprehensive and profitable marketing offering in the long-term.

Ben M Roberts - Digital Marketing Consultant

Ben is a Digital Marketing Consultant & Strategist based in South Wales, but covers the breadth of the UK. Over the years his experience in marketing has spanned a wide-range of industries including eCommerce, Financial Services, Technology start-ups, Education and Health & Safety to name a few.

The Marketing Buzzword Podcast

Ben works hard to remain at the forefront of marketing innovation and developments, whilst also keeping his feet firmly grounded in reality. That’s why he set-up and hosts “The Marketing Buzzword Podcast”. A business and marketing podcast which seeks to clarify and add meaning to buzzwords that are found everywhere. In each show he brings on an expert guests who converses with Ben to establish the real meaning behind a particular buzzword and work out whether it’s even worth your time or not. If you’d like to find out more take a look here.

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