About Ben

Ben M Roberts is a digital marketing strategist, Head of Marketing at a tech company called Talkative, and an expert in Online Reviews. He is a podcaster (The Marketing Buzzword Podcast), consultant and keynote speaker who looks at how businesses can use the tools and time at their disposal in order to maximise business/sales growth.

Ben is a firm believer in the power of customer advocacy, social proof and online reviews to help continually improve the business, as well as create a really strong and trustworthy brand image, which in turn translates to growing sales.

This website represents the learning curve he has taken over his years in the industry, discusses what he has learnt, and looking ahead to the future of business and marketing from the perspective and insights he has gained.

One of the key things he has learnt over the last 8 years is the impact and growing influence of social media for customer service and the power of online reviews. At a really basic level this looks at how customers can build and break brands just by using their voice or the written word.

About Ben M Roberts

So, what is he up to right now?

Currently, Ben is Head of Marketing at Talkative, where he is working on building a solid marketing offering for the business, and creating a marketing team, that will help take the business through the next growth stages.

In addition, Ben is a Digital Marketing Strategist & Consultant. He is also the host of the Marketing Buzzword Podcast, where each week he brings on to help and dissect common marketing buzzwords and phrases.

As a digital marketing strategist and consultant, Ben seeks to work with businesses to design, develop and implement a comprehensive marketing strategy and/or successful campaigns. Right now he is working with a number of developing brands in South Wales & the South West of England, covering eCommerce, brick & mortar retail and Cargo Trading.

As host of the Marketing Buzzword Podcast, Ben routinely brings on expert guides to help debunk and demystify common business and marketing buzzwords. So far he has helped clarify terms such as; “Social Customer Service”, “Relationship Marketing”, “Social Selling”, “Millennial Marketing” and “Great Content”. The podcast can be found on iTunes, Stitcher, Podbean and all other good podcast listening sites/apps.

Want to see what he is up to via social media?

He is primarily active on the two accounts below:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/roberts_ben_m

Linkedin: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/bmroberts

Also if you want to get in touch by email please fill in the contact form here, and he will reply asap!