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Ben is not just a speaker, he’s also a personality. For Ben speaking isn’t just ‘a thing’ or ‘part of the job’, it’s a privilege, and a responsibility. Every single talk is crafted and adapted to your event and conference to ensure that your attendees get the most value possible.

For Ben it’s also not just about being the best speaker, it’s about maximising value for the organisers and attendees alike. Ben will always strive to stay for entirety of the event, mingling with attendees, live tweeting and promoting the event.

By bringing Ben into your event you are not just getting a reputable speaker you are getting so much more!

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What previous conference and event organisers have said
  • "Ben is a knowledgeable and engaging speaker who exudes passion for his area of expertise. That's why when I saw him speak at another event, I knew he would be great for TLT, and he delivered again! We now have so many ideas to put into action."

    Elgan JonesElgan JonesTLT Law Firm
  • "We were very fortunate to have marketeer Ben Roberts as one of our guest speakers at the Media & Creative Industries event this year.  Ben talked to students with drive and passion about his love of all things marketing and the importance of creating and maintaining a personal brand."
  • "Ben has delivered a number of highly engaging guest lectures at the University of South Wales. Ben’s lectures have been consistently well received by our marketing and PR students who have positively commented on his excellent teaching ability underpinned by expert marketing knowledge."

  • "Ben knows his topic well and is so engaging and delivers a powerful talk. Some of the attendees had never even thought about online reviews, and all said he gave them something to think about and they had not realised what a powerful marketing tool an online review is. I highly recommend Ben and will certainly be looking to work with him again in the future"

    Caroline De LangeCaroline De LangeIndaba Corporate Events
  • “Ben brought a brilliant energy with him when he delivered his talk ‘How To Keep Your Marketing Human In A World Dominated By Technology’ at Digital Gaggle. His session challenged the audience to think differently and kept them engaged during the post-coffee/cake slump of the afternoon – a tricky task to achieve!”

  • "Ben attended as a speaker for a panel and networking event hosted by University of Bristol’s Advertising, Marketing and PR society. He spoke to our students with real passion for his field, providing interesting insight and helpful advice to those interested in a career in marketing"

How to build a selling system based on authority and a common thread

Speaking in Paris for Socialbakers Engage Paris Conference Ben talks about how to build a selling system around a common thread, leveraging personal brands and the interview economy to showcase authority on a topic (a common thread)

Some other examples of previous talks

Here are two of Ben’s previous presentations, the first entitled “How to build your personal brand and become a recognised authority”, the second, “How to keep your marketing human in a world dominated by machines”

How to build a brand based on authority and a common thread

What do you and your business stand for? What do you want to be known for? In a world where competition is rife, we need to be known for something. We need to have something that our customers say back to us, and that our employees believe in.

In this epic talk, Ben will share with you the power of knowledge and authority marketing, how to tie that together with a common thread, then how to use that common thread to further grow the reach of your business.

This book is tied nicely into the principles set out in Ben’s book ‘Marketing Buzzword to Marketing Authority’ and he will tailor the presentation to make sure that the threads and examples he uses are the most relevant to your audience and event.

How to build your personal brand and become a recognised authority

In order to stand out, and create a long-lasting impression, you need to build a personal brand. This sounds pretty easy, but when you work for an existing business brand it becomes a much more complex.

In this presentation Ben shares insights on not only building a personal brand and why it is important, but also how to do it within an existing business.

Ben’s information-packed talk will provide you with detailed insights, real-world examples, tools and ideas you can take away, practically apply and begin to build your own personal brand whether you work for yourself or an existing brand.

How to keep your marketing human in a world dominated by machines

The marketing landscape is evolving at an incredible pace. With so many new technologies and solutions now available, it’s difficult to
remember that people still do business with people. In today’s landscape we should be thinking in terms of ‘machines Vs people’, instead, we need to understand how to remain human while adding new technologies and solutions.

This keynote will help you to understand the benefits of being human in your marketing. Ben will share insights, examples of how to do this. Including practical tips that you can go and implement in your own marketing.

Prepare to have youR mind blown open at the possibilities that await you . . .

What is effective content marketing, and how can you create it?

The world of marketing is a complex one. There isn’t necessarily a right or wrong way of doing it, but there are a number of things you can do to increase the likelihood that your content will have the desired effect on your audience, turning them from lurkers into buyers.

In this presentation Ben will dive deep into the world of content marketing, showing you how to research your market, build a content plan, create the content itself then promote it. In order for your content marketing efforts to be effective, you need to make sure that it piques your audiences’ curiosity, informs them and inspires them. Ben will share with you some tips and tricks to do just that!

Don’t just do content marketing, make it effective!

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Sometimes it's good to have something a bit more tangible to read offline, and on-the-go. So please feel free to download Ben's speaker deck. Inside you will find;

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How to create a selling system based on authority and a common thread

How to keep your marketing human in a world dominated technology

How to build your personal brand and become a recognised authority

What is effective content marketing?

Why Online Reviews are the key to building trust in your brand in a digital world

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