Marketing Planning & Strategy Creation

A Marketing plan isn’t a choice. It’s an integral part of any business that wishes to grow. Not just any growth though, it needs to be in a way that’s affordable, sustainable, cost-effective and achieves the desired goals.

During one or more of our sessions Ben will spend time reviewing your current marketing activities, and understanding your business goals & objectives. During this time, Ben and you will work together to clarify what marketing resources, budgets and strategies you can put into place to achieve the desired goals.

Following the session, you will have a choice. Ben will either create for you a summary report which outlines all the areas discussed with links to further information and details of how to progress. Alternatively, Ben will create and write the full 12 month marketing plan for you, in-line with your full business plan and budget, with tangible outcomes.

Whichever option most appeals to you, you will get up to two or four hours telephone and email support from Ben to aid the plan creation and answer any further queries or questions that you may have.

As each marketing plan is unique, and require different levels of detail. That means the price is also unfortunately variable. If you are interested in finding out more, please get in touch now.