Marketing Training & Workshops

It’s unrealistic to expect every individual or group within a company to know how marketing works, how to effectively use the tools at their disposal, and use that knowledge to work collaboratively towards a shared goal. That’s why Ben will put on marketing training and workshops to help you and your staff to generate ideas and learn the skills essential for marketing.

The marketing training and workshops that Ben will put on can cover either general topics or focus specifically on key marketing tools or facets.

Some of the workshops he will put on include, but are not limited to:

  • Social Media Training
  • Social Customer Service Training
  • Content Creation Workshops
  • SEO Workshops
  • Idea Generation Workshops
  • Adhoc training on marketing tools

Each training session can be held at the host company’s venue, giving each attendee an opportunity to learn the skills and begin implementing them right away.

For more information on providing marketing training and workshops for your business, get in touch now.