Independent Marketing
Audits and Reviews
by Ben M Roberts

Thorough, detailed and independent reviews and audits of your current marketing activities.

Why you need to audit and review your marketing activities

An independent marketing audit is a brilliant way for you to be able to analyse and understand exactly what the outcome of all your current activities is, including where you are falling short, where it’s going well and how it can be improved. A marketing audit will provide you a straight forward, no fuss overview of how your marketing currently stands up. This will help to keep all of your efforts directed towards achieving your marketing goals.

An audit will include a detailed report of your current marketing work, industry research on the marketing activities of competitors in your space, persona creation for target customers, a SWOT analysis with suggestions of tactics which could be implemented by you and your business.

What would typically be included in a marketing audit?

No two marketing audits are the same. Ben will therefore put together an audit that is completely custom designed to fit your business. Ben will not only review your marketing, but will also provide detailed suggestions as to how you can take your marketing to the next level.

Point-of-View Analysis

A detailed review of your company within the market from different points-of-view. This would include but not be limited to SWOT and PESTLE analyses.

Internal Process Review

A thorough look at all of your current marketing processes. Including your lines of communication, creation process and internal reporting.

Tool review

A detailed review of all the marketing tools you are currently using within the business and their effectiveness.

Competitor & GAP Analysis

A review of how your competitors are operating in the market, how they are fairing Vs your company, and where the gaps are that your business can utilise.


This part won’t critique individuals personalities, but instead focus on how they can maximise their time, knowledge and team-work.

Budgets, resources & goals

A review of the current marketing spend and resource usage. This will be compared to the company’s goals to see identify if the spend matches the outcome.

Some of Ben's favourite marketing tools

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