Marketing Research &
Discovery to uncover
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Detailed and actionable marketing research to help you discover ways in which you can maximise your marketing potential

Why you need to carry out thorough market research

Marketing Research and Discovery should form the basis of all of your marketing activities. Without real, tangible knowledge about the market, your competitors, and where your product would fit into people’s lives then your risks of failure are greatly heightened.

Ben will use a variety of tools coupled with his experience and contacts to help  build you a picture of your place in the world, show you where the gaps are that you can exploit.

Research allows you to make better decisions, and reduce risk. No matter how big your business is, there are always gaps, opportunities, threats and weaknesses. The question is do you know about them?


What would typically be included in a marketing research report?

Note that these are just some of the most common elements included in one of Ben’s custom marketing research reports. This may not be the case for your company, as Ben will work closely with you to ensure that you have the most fitted report that you can actually use to form your marketing plan.

The problem you solve

What problem do you fix? Why would people want or need your goods and services? This report will highlight how you can ensure people understand what problem you solve.

Customer Profiles/Personas

You need to know who you are targeting in order to effectively market to them. This needs to be narrow, and tangible in order for you to ensure your marketing efforts are not in vain.

Market Data & Valuations

In order to grow and build a successful business you need to make sure that the market has potential. You need to know some of the key data, trends and values associated. Is it growing? Shrinking? Highly competitive? Emerging?


Every business has a competitor. Some have more than others, the key is identifying and understanding them so that you can either get ahead or stay ahead. Competitors provide a useful benchmark for growth.

Unique Value Proposition

What is your unique value and input into the market. Why should people choose you? Marketing research will help to inform you of how your customers perceive your value proposition and how it will resonate in the market.

Current Marketing Effectiveness

Even in a marketing research report you need to have a high level understanding of the effectiveness of your current marketing efforts, and whether you are having the desired penetration your efforts and resources deserve.

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