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Outsource your marketing leadership to take your business to new heights

Why bring in an outsourced director, manager or leader?

Bring in an experienced head without the expensive hiring costs associated

By outsourcing your marketing management you are bringing an extra dimension to your company; an advocate who will help promote your brand. Because an outsourced marketer, already has an established personal brand and isn’t permanently tied to your business, their backing for your brand is seen as highly trustworthy.

Additionally an outsourced marketing director will be able to leverage their built contact list in order to boost awareness, visibility and ultimately sales for your brand.

The hiring of full-time, permanent employees is not only exhaustive in terms of time, but also financially (initially and ongoing). There are also significant risks associated with the internal hiring of new staff members.

Outsourcing work means lower headcount, less admin, and reduced risk in terms of outlays for sickness, holiday and pension contributions.

All of this adds up to greater flexibility you you and your company, allowing you to expand and grow your business how you see fit without being tied down.

Outsourcing means bringing in an external view to your business, but more importantly than that, you are bringing in someone who is going to actually get to know your business.

Bringing in someone from the outside means that they will be able to bring in new knowledge and expertise into your business, that you may not currently have. This knowledge, expertise and experience will be of incredible value to your business.

Ben M Roberts - No Background

Ben's process for outsourced directorship, management & leadership



Identifying if Ben and your company are a good fit, what the company goals were, and how much time will be required. This can be done through a number of mediums, but it is vitally important to get right.



With the resources available and the time allocated to managing your marketing efforts, an executable and realistic plan must be made. This will be completely custom, in-line with company goals and structured in a way that allows anyone else in the organisation to be able to understand and implement.



Before anything can be implemented, it is vital that the entire marketing process is properly audited. This means looking at what’s being done, what’s effective, and the resources (time and monetary) being used on completing those marketing tasks.



Marketing is not just a one or two person operation it requires company buy-in and understanding. Ben will work closely with everyone in the business to successfully implement the plan. This will include coaching, mentoring, training and general management.



This is research into your exact market, your competitors and tools, tactics that will help your marketing efforts to achieve the company’s goals.

Thorough research means that the risks associated with change are minimised, and the chances of success are heightened.



Reviewing is an ongoing process. Ben will constantly monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the companies marketing efforts. He will build automated reporting tools for the company and present regular monthly updates on the outcomes of the marketing investment.

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