A brief insight into PPC & Paid Search

PPC and Paid Search are also known under the term “Search Engine Marketing”. It is the art and science of creating paid adverts distributed through search engines in order to drive traffic, leads and sales.

There are different types of ad placements, and styles, each of which will resonate differently with different audiences. In addition, ads can be varied between device type, location and time of day.

For each keyword you wish to rank for, you bid against other people wishing to display their messaging for the same term. This means that for broader, more popular terms, the cost of paid search is much higher than in niche industries with limited competition.

PPC Advertising and Paid Search is important for driving in leads and sales to your website, from people who are already searching for something specific to do with your business. These people are more likely to want to purchase your goods and services.

Paid Search allows you to position your business in a prime location ready for when people are seeking your services. One of the major benefits of PPC over other forms of advertising is that you only pay when people click on your adverts, instead of purely for placement.

CPC – Cost-Per-Click. This is the cost that you, as a company pay every time that someone clicks on one of your paid search ads.

CPA – Cost-Per-Acquisition. This is the cost of turning a click from a paid search ad into a paying customer.

ROAS – Return-On-Advertising-Spend. This is the difference between the amount spent on taking out paid search adverts, and the income generated as a result of those adverts.

Negative Keywords – These are keywords that you wish your adverts not to be shown for. These are negative terms which would have a detrimental impact on your goals.

Quality Score – This is the score given by Google, which shows the quality of your PPC adverts compared to the page, you are directing people too. In essence how relevant they are, and how likely the customers are to find what they are looking for as a result.

Paid Search and PPC requires constant attention, both at a high-level and on a daily basis. Everything from research and planning to campaign creation and management, bidding, keyword management and reporting. There are loads of nuances involved in Paid Search that require expertise in order to handle effectively.

By outsourcing your Paid Search, you can rest-assured that all of these intricacies are being taken care of, so you and your team can focus on maximising other lead generation efforts, or optimising your conversion funnel to improve your CPA.

Because of the importance of PPC & Paid Search, the potentially huge cost outlay, and the specific knowledge required, it is important that you get someone who really knows how to research, build and manage campaigns, and report on their success/failures.

What are the different elements that affect

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

How will Ben improve your leads through Paid Search and PPC?

Ben's simple three step PPC process will help your business to generate more qualified leads.



Research into the market, your competitors and your own website to identify paid keyword opportunities. This will help inform the best type of campaigns to put together, and the nature of how they’ll be displayed. This research will help to decide how big or small the PPC campaign should be.


Campaign Creation

Ben will work closely with you to create and build campaigns, write the content, help build landing pages and A/B test all the possible alternatives. Spending time here will minimise the costs associated with paid search, whilst boosting the number of qualified leads to your website.


Reviews – Ongoing and Monthly

It’s not enough just to research and create, we must also evaluate. We must see how, over time, the costs and leads associated with each campaign are changing. Regular monitoring will mean that bids can be adjusted to match fluctuations in the market, and monthly reviews will give a wider perspective on overall changes.

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