A bit about Search Engine Optimisation & Marketing

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is an ongoing process of driving traffic from search engines through organic search and display listings. Each search engine (Google. Bing, Yahoo & Duck Duck Go) has a different algorithm that helps determine which web pages are displayed at the top of the search results. SEO isn’t driven by payment, so you should look at the PPC and Paid Search page for that.

SEO is a long-term marketing tactic. It is vital for many businesses, because of it doesn’t need to involve regular ongoing payments. For businesses with a local component or businesses operating within a niche being found is a major part of the battle for attention. If you can get into the top of the search engine rankings for terms associated with your business you are putting yourself in a prime position to generate ore leads online.

The terms “White Hat”, “Grey Hat” and “Black Hat” refer to different types of marketing tactics, and how “above board” or not they are. Black marketing tactics are ones which violate the terms of use by search engines. This could include the building and use of link farms, fake reviews or the stuffing of keywords.

The other side of the coin is “white hat” SEO. This refers to the ethical building of search engine rankings through quality content, enhanced user experience and natural link building through authoritative content.

In between you have “grey hat” SEO. These are tactics that don’t violate the rules, but also aren’t quite whiter that white, and are likely to get penalised in future algorithmic updates by search engines. Ultimately there is nothing rule breaking with “grey hat”, but it is more risky in terms of potentially negatively effecting your rankings in the future.

SEO requires constant attention, both at a high-level and on a daily basis. Everything from research and planning to content creation, link building, outreaching and reporting. There are loads of different facets to SEO that take time to action.

By outsourcing your SEO you can rest-assured that all of these nuances are being taken care of, so you and your team can focus on maximising other lead generating efforts, or converting the additional leads driven through SEO.

Because of the importance of SEO, and the specific knowledge required, it is important that you get someone who really knows their stuff to help you get ranked the right way. That’s where Ben comes in.

Some of the different elements that affect


How will Ben use SEO to help boost your rankings?

Ben's simple three step SEO process will help your business to climb the search engine results.



Research into the market, your competitors and your own website to identify keyword and ranking opportunities as well as uncovering quick fixes to give you that instant little boost. Without prior research, your efforts will not yield the desired outcomes.



Ben will work closely with you to create and build content, web pages and links to improve the ranking potential of your site. This content will come in a variety of forms completely dependent of the needs and desires of your business.



It’s not enough just to research and create, we must also evaluate. We must see how over time rankings are changing and how authority is growing. This will mean that future content will be even more honed for improving search engine rankings.

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