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What is a personal brand, and why do you need one?

A personal brand is you. It is everything about you. It’s the way you walk, talk, act, smell, look. You have a personal brand, whether you like it or not, and people will come to judge you, know you, and talk about you as a result. Taking control of your personal brand is how you take control of how people see you.

Building your personal brand means committing to standing for something and becoming known in your field, for what you do.

Whether you work for yourself, own your own business, or are an employee within a business, YOU CAN HAVE A PERSONAL BRAND. The major difference between the three is that when you work for a company, your personal brand has to align with the business that you work for. Otherwise your personal brand is all about you, and the associations you keep.

In order to build a successful personal brand, you must have these for components: Firstly, something to stand for. Secondly mediums that you can use to disseminate your messaging. Thirdly, tools to help you manage your messaging more effectively. Finally, a process and a goal to help you to keep moving forward to help you to continually grow your brand.

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Ben's personal branding services

What we do
Ben will help coach you and your employees to find out what they can stand for, what mediums and tools you can use, and the benefits personal brands can have your yourself, and the business as a whole.
To grow your personal brand you need to be able to use and mange your resources effectively. This includes platforms and tools. Ongoing training will help you stay on top of the latest marketing advancements.
Sometimes you hit a rut, other times you need to pivot. Ben will help you break down those barriers, and help you navigate the ever changing world of marketing. Things don't stay the same, and you shouldn't too, so Ben will help you to stay relevant over time.
What you'll get from building a personal brand with Ben
Specifically you will learn...

What you stand for

To build a personal brand you must have something you can become known for, that people understand what it is you do, and what you believe in.

The best mediums for you

To maximise your potential, you have to channel your time and resources. You have to find a medium or two to create for and become known in.

The best tools for you

To showcase your personal brand in the best possible light, you must use tools, tools that help you to present your thoughts, ideas and solutions.

The process for growth

Growing a personal brand takes time, you have to layer tactics, onto mediums, using tools. Combine this together and you have a process for growth.

Now it is tome to build your personal brand