The Marketing Buzzword Podcast

Ben M Roberts's Marketing Buzzword Podcast

Introducing The Marketing Buzzword Podcast, the weekly podcast focussed on debunking some of the planet’s most popular business & marketing buzzwords.

In each episode, Ben brings in a special guest (expert buzzword bee) to help debunk or demystify a marketing buzzword in order to give us some clarity around their meaning.

Ben looks to dig deep into his guests’ knowledge by challenging their authority on their given buzzword, asking questions that help us a marketers understand what the terms means and how we can best apply it in ‘real world scenarios’.

Some of the business and marketing buzzwords Ben and his guests have helped clarify to date are ‘Social Customer Service’, ‘Social Selling’, ‘Great Content’, ‘SEO’, ‘Humanising Marketing’ and ‘Authority Marketing’. Some of the notable guests to have come on to help Ben decipher these buzzwords include (but limited to) Dan Gingiss, Nicky Kriel, Jessika Phillips, Mark Masters, Bryan Kramer, Barry Schwartz, Andrew & Pete, Chriss Marr and Ash Phillips. 

Hold on tight, we are about to fly around the beehive and see what buzzwords have got stuck the marketing bees . . .