Ben M Roberts

Building Business and Personal Brands Through
Owned & Earned Marketing and Interviews

Personal Branding
Personal Branding is a conscious effort to establish yourself, and your business as an authority in your given area of expertise.
Using proven tools and techniques, Ben will help you to properly establish your Personal Brand and begin to build your authority & credibility.
Owned & Earned Marketing
There is marketing that you own, and marketing that you earn. The marketing you own includes Web Pages, Blogs, Emails, and Social Posts. The marketing you earn includes Backlinks, Interviews, Mentions and Reviews.
Interview Services
The Interview Era is here. Interviews are one of the most powerful methods of sharing your messaging, knowledge and ideas, whilst at the same time earn credibility and authority in your field. This can be done in an advisory capacity, or as a complete, done-for-you service.

A bit about Ben M Roberts

Ben M Roberts is a marketer specialising in helping grow business and personal brands through Earned & Owned Marketing. He is a published author, podcast host, International speaker and consultant.

Ben has over 10 years’ worth of experience, both client-side and agency side. From Financial Services and SaaS to Ecommerce, FMCG and Construction, Ben has been helping individuals and businesses to not just do marketing, but do it better!

Ben now works with clients around the world helping them to maximise their owned and earned marketing efforts.

Marketing Buzzword to Marketing Authority

Your guide to understanding marketing buzzwords, and learning how to use them to build a successful personal brand and business brand

Available now through Amazon

Available through Amazon either as a paperback or Kindle. Also coming soon to Audible

The Marketing Buzzword Podcast

A weekly podcast dedicated to bebunking and demystifying the world of marketing buzzwords to help them make a little more sense

Expert Guests

Each episode features a renowned marketing and business expert who has a load of experience and knowledge in their industry

Rich Questions, Deep Insights

In each episode Ben seeks to draw out all the knowledge possible from his guests, asking probing questions, and going-deeper than many business podcasts dare

Ben talking about building a common thread and content marketing

In a recent interview Ben explains why a business should have a common thread, why it is important, and the benefits it can bring. He also looks at the future of content marketing and the types of content brands should be building.

Latest Blog Posts & Resources

All the latest and greatest marketing resources, blogs and downloads from Ben M Roberts

10 reasons to use interviews in your marketing strategy

Interviews are one of the most powerful marketing activities you can carry out. That’s because they allow you share your messaging whilst also building your credibility & authority. There are few other marketing activities quite like it.   Over the past few years I have seen the increasing prominence of tools and platforms that allow [...]

How can Interviews improve your SEO?

SEO is and can be a huge minefield for people and businesses alike. There are lots of subtleties and nuances. However, something that any SEO or marketer would be hard pressed to deny is that interviews can have a sizeable impact on your ranking potential and improve your SEO. In this article I will show […]

How do I start building my Personal Brand?

Taking control of your Personal Brand. I get this question a lot; “How do I start building a Personal Brand?” The answer is pretty simple… you already have. The question should probably be more like; “How do I take control of my Personal Brand?” The reason for this is you already have a personal brand, [...]


Marketing &


at a glance

Just a few of the services that Ben has on offer

Plans & Strategies

Creating, reviewing or updating marketing plans and strategies. Ben will help you to create a SMART marketing strategy that is not just words on a page, but actually actionable with specific measurable outcomes. He will also support you in the delivery of the plan

Bespoke Marketing

There are times when your marketing just needs that little extra push, or a project comes about where you don’t have the in-house knowledge to carry it out to its fullest. When this happens, you need Ben

Audits & Reviews

Sometimes it’s helpful to have another pair of eyes to help review and audit all your current marketing activities to help ensure that your resources are being used effectively and that your budget is being spent wisely

Market Research & Outreach

If you don’t know you are marketing to (and more importantly who you are not marketing too) you are likely to struggle in your marketing efforts

Therefore, Ben will help you research the market, grow your brand equity, and reach out to influencers capable of raising your profile and driving lead generation

Coaching & Mentoring

Ben is an experienced line manager and marketing mentor who will work closely with you or your team members, either face-to-face or via video.

In each session goals will be set and monitored, along with plans on how to meet them. Supported all the way through by Ben, you will learn new skills, develop new ways of thinking and improve your marketing performance

Training & Events

When you and your team need to learn skills, tools, or techniques, it can often be most effective to have an in-house training session. That way knowledge can be shared and worked on as a team

Either as a training day, or a one-off session, Ben will help you to maximise your marketing efforts and understand how to best use and implement new marketing technologies

A Powerful and Motivational

Marketing Speaker

Unique, Impactful talks with actionable takeaways

Ben’s engaging and charismatic presenting style is coupled with his knowledge and experience to help deliver an incredible amount of value for you and your delegates.

Keynotes, Break-outs and Panels at Conferences & Events

Ben’s adaptable style means that he can fit into most conference programs. Including speaking at conferences in front of thousands of people, to intimate corporate settings with a handful of senior execs

Value beyond the event

Not content with just giving a talk, Ben will work closely with you pre, during and post event to maximise value. He will live tweet, socialise with attendees and share the event with his audience
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