10 reasons to use interviews in your marketing strategy

Interviews are one of the most powerful marketing activities you can carry out. That’s because they allow you share your messaging whilst also building your credibility & authority. There are few other marketing activities quite like it.


Over the past few years I have seen the increasing prominence of tools and platforms that allow pretty much anyone, to interview anyone, no matter where they are in the world.


This democratisation of media, and the improvements in accessibility mean that now, right now, you are can use interviews – either as an interviewer or as an interviewee – to grow your business or personal brand.


Podcasting, Live social streams, broadcast media, radio, blogs and live events. All of these are now opportunities for interviews.


There is a huge swathe of benefits associated with interviews, and when you use them correctly you can see huge outcomes both as a business and as individuals.


Here are 10 reasons to add interviews into your marketing mix (they are in no particular order).


Interviews give your brand a human voice


Interviews give a human voice and face to your brand, quite literally. There is no hiding behind faceless blog posts, with neutral business language. In interviews, your voice is what is heard, and remembered.


People want to know the people they are working with or may work with. Interviews give people the opportunity to see you or hear from you, and give them the trust that you know your stuff.


If you are reading this, there is a good chance that you, your business or both understand that businesses need a human face, not a faceless logo.


Interviews are an opportunity to share your messaging


Interviews give you the opportunity to share your messaging, tell your story and share your expertise in a neutral space.


The great thing about interviews is that – when done well – you aren’t directly selling. It is done in a way that offers insight and value. This gives the audience the all of the information they need to find out more about you.


After all, someone has asked you to come on their show, for you to share knowledge with their audience, not sell to them.


Treat interviews as a messaging platform, not a selling one.


Interviews give you credibility


That fact that someone has given space on their show to you, shows that they think you have value to share with their audience. That is instant credibility.


Depending on the size and nature of the show, that credibility increase can be incredible.


Marketers often talk about this word “authenticity. And, often relate it to the content that they own, saying we need to create more authentic content. However, that’s probably not the right way of looking at things. Instead, we should look at content that proves our authenticity.


Interviews are one such form. This is because interviewers only want people on their show that can offer their audience insight. The fact that they’ve given you a platform to do it shows your credibility.



Interviews position you as an authority


When you have a platform to share your messaging, you have an opportunity to position yourself, and your business as an authority in your field.


You can share unique experiences, insights and opinions that are completely yours. The more value you can give, the greater your authority can build.


Especially when you can clearly and concisely deliver unique value and insights.


During the course of an interview you have all the means at your disposal to position yourself as an authority.


You have the platform. You have the messaging. You have the opportunity. Will you take it?

Interviews generate leads and sales


When you tell your story, you have an opportunity to show, and help the audience to make the most of their own work.


Naturally, a way they could do this is working with you, buying your book or listening to your show. Make it clear that what you do is linked to the insight you’re giving.


Remember though, interviews are not there for the direct sell, they are there as a knowledge gathering and sharing opportunity.


All that being said, interviews do generate sales. Usually at the end of an interview, after you have given your insight, you can share how people can contact you, work with you, or buy your wears.


Interviews give you re-usable content


After the interview, you can share it, and re-use it as part of your own marketing and sales efforts.


You can use it as a method of showing your credibility and expertise on the subject. This gives potential customers more trust in your ability, and are therefore more likely to work with you.


The great thing about interviews, is that depending on the nature of the interview, you can use them at various stages of the buying journey. Depending on the value you wish to provide at that time.


In addition, interviews give you more content to share. Selfishly, this means you have to spend less time creating new content such as blog posts.


Interviews help you think on your feet


Being able to think on your feet is a skill. When being interviewed, you sometimes have to really think about your answers, and how to deliver them in a clear and concise way.


The more interviews you do the clearer you become about your messaging and what resonates with people. This useful throughout your business.


That’s why I love interviews. I have learned so much both as an interviewer and an interviewee. I have honed my messaging, expanded my knowledge and gained new ideas.


If you want to test yourself, and improve yourself then interviews are for you.


Interviews can be re-purposed


Just because an interview has taken shape in one form, it doesn’t mean you can’t convert it into another format, which some of your customers may find easier to consume.


This could be turning an audio interview into a blog post, or recording a video talking about your interview.


Some forms of content and marketing are difficult to convert into other formats. However, interviews are not one of those.


When you re-purpose an interview into another format you give it a new, and longer lease of life. You make it more evergreen, and you give it, and you, more opportunities to be found online.


Interviews aren’t a one-trick pony. They have may tricks.

Interviews generate measurable results


Like pretty much every activity, you can measure the results of your interviews, and track the outcomes.


This could be leads, audience reach, backlinks or simply the number of interviews given.


You can track this. You can use tracking links (if online), you can set goals, you can monitor mentions, and you can (where appropriate) steer the audience to a specific web page.


Everything is trackable, and should be tracked. If you don’t how will you know if your marketing activity is successful or not?


Interviews help you build your audience


The more interviews you give the bigger your audience will grow. This gives you more people to reach with your future messaging, and more people who know about what you do.


Having a larger audience of people who want to hear your thoughts and ideas gives you a greater opportunity to sell more of your services or products in the future.


This means it is also vital to set those goals, one of which being to grow your audience, and measure traffic generation/mentions.


Something you should note though, is that to significantly grow your audience through interviews, you must be consistent.



A final thought before you get going…


The problem many people make with interviews is that the don’t seek them, and they don’t do them regularly. They are sporadic, not consistent.


What other marketing activity, would you advise you do inconsistently for maximum exposure? Very few…


So, after you read this, and think “damn this Ben guy knows his sh**”, drop me a message for a free 45 minute chat about how you can make interviews work for you, consistently.


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