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The latest blog posts by Ben M Roberts

10 reasons to use interviews in your marketing strategy

Interviews are one of the most powerful marketing activities you can carry out. That’s because they allow you share your messaging whilst also building your credibility & authority. There are few other marketing activities quite like it.   Over the past few years I have seen the increasing prominence of tools and platforms that allow [...]

How can Interviews improve your SEO?

SEO is and can be a huge minefield for people and businesses alike. There are lots of subtleties and nuances. However, something that any SEO or marketer would be hard pressed to deny is that interviews can have a sizeable impact on your ranking potential and improve your SEO. In this article I will show […]

How do I start building my Personal Brand?

Taking control of your Personal Brand. I get this question a lot; “How do I start building a Personal Brand?” The answer is pretty simple… you already have. The question should probably be more like; “How do I take control of my Personal Brand?” The reason for this is you already have a personal brand, [...]

What is Earned and Owned Marketing? How can my business use it?

Earned and owned marketing in essence the marketing content you create that you don’t directly pay for, like ads. This includes your website, blogs, emails, guest posts, press mentions and social media content. This is the marketing that you have painstakingly build, worked at and developed over time. The real question is: How do you [...]

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