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The Interview Era

We are in the midst of the Interview Era. Now, more than ever before brands and people have the ability to share their knowledge and ideas through interviews. Interviews convey credibility and authority. However, if not done well... you can lose all credbility.

That's why it's more important than ever to prepare for, and do interviews properly.

Interviews are important because, like no other medium, they can give you the opportunity to tell your story, share your knowledge and ideas and build both authority and credibility at the same time.

Interviews are the perfect combination of both owning your narrative and earning kudos as a result.

There is no other marketing and promotional channel like it. Hence why they are used daily, around the world.

In order to use interviews as part of your marketing, outreach and promotion strategy you have to prepare, practice and promote.

You have to understand your topic, deeply. If you don’t you will get found out. That is why research and preparation are essential. You also have to understand how to make the most of them, both directly and indirectly.

Interviews come in a range of styles from the formal to the very informal. Some examples include; Fireside chats, one-on-one discussions, multiple person interviews, audio only interviews and live-streams from home.

Not everyone is suited to every single style. Some people prefer audio, some people are more comfortable looking the interviewer in the eye.

Because interviews come in such a range of styles, you need to carefully consider how you prepare for each one.

Essentially everyone. However, there are certain key individuals where interviews take an even higher value.

From Politicians and Chief Execs to Celebrities, Marketers and Business Owners.

Each needs interviews, but each have their own agendas and reasons for using them. The thing that unites them all though is the interviews are a highly effective method of transmitting their messaging.

For each interview there must be a goal. This could be to get your message across in a certain way, to drive leads to your business or to increase your visibility and reputation.

There is no right or wrong method, but you must be clear in your purpose, otherwise you cannot measure the results.

Some example measurable goals include: Backlinks, Number of interviews, Interview locations and leads.

Each goal can and should be tracked.

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Types of Interview

Interviews come a wide range of types, across numerous channels. Highlighted below are some of the different channels where interviews happen.


TV interviews are incredibly powerful and highly sought after. Few other interview mediums carry the same level of credibility and kudos that television does. But it also one of the hardest to get, and one of the hardest types of interview to do well.


The reach and growth of podcasting in recent years has generated a huge growth in the reach and accessability of interviews. However, the quality of these interviews can vary greatly so you must choose wisely.

Live at Events

Speaking at live events can be the pinnacle of interviews for many people. Their reach isn’t always huge, but their impact can be deep. The level of authority they can really establish you as a credible voice in your field.


Radio interviews are some of the oldest, and furthest reaching mediums. Interviews through this format can yield great impact if done will, and reach a vast audience across the world.


Written interviews can be one of the easiest interviews to obtain. However, the authority and credibilty of them is entirely based on the website or media outlet used. If published online you can also earn a lot of SEO value from them.

Live Streams & Social

Live streaming on social media platforms is one of the newest forms of interview. New technology has allowed interviews to take place pretty much anywhere, and their impact can be wide. You need to carefully consider the streaming location.


Ben's tried and tested process interviews works on three steps. In order to successfully master the Interview Era you must do each of the following:


Interview Prep & Research

Ben will help you to prepare and research for interviews. This means finding you places to be interviewed (TV, Radio, Podcasts, Live Social Chats), researching the interviewer and topic and preparing you for questions. This can be done for you, or Ben can give you the tools to do so.


Interview Outreach & Delivery

Ben will actively help you outreach, or help you prepare the resources you need to outreach for yourself. He will also work closely with you to ensure you give the most competent interview possible, where you can deliver the messaging you wish, and deal with tough questions.


Post Interview Promo & Maximisation

Ben will help you maximise the exposure that interviews will give you. This includes generating further interviews, backlinks, social/press mentions, email signups and additional online content. Ben will also work with you to help convert your interviews into quality leads.

Specific Interview Services


From £200

Up to 1.5 hours worth of set consultancy and coaching time over 1.5 months, including tasks and guides.

This includes helping you plan and design your interview strategy, identify interview locations and understand how to maximise your opportunities.

Done For You

From £200

Ben will help you outreach to potential interviewers, or help you get more guests for your show/podcast.

He will provide you will all the necessary information to help you master your interviews, including guides and processes.

How to use the Interview Era to grow your Personal Brand

We live in a world of technology, social media, communication and… interviews.

Interviews are now one of the best ways in which you can communicate your knowledge, reach a receptive audience, and grow your personal brand.

This 3000+ word article will spell out exactly how you can leverage the Interview Era to grow your brand! Enjoy.

How to use the interview era to grow your personal brand
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