Personal Branding, Owned & Earned Marketing and Interview Services

Ben's specialist services will help you to take control of your business and personal brands with common messaging, quality content and the means to build authority.

Personal Branding
Personal Branding is a conscious effort to establish yourself, and your business as an authority in your given area of expertise. Using proven tools and techniques, Ben will help you to properly establish your Personal Brand and begin to build your authority & credibility.
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Owned & Earned Marketing
There is marketing that you own, and marketing that you earn. The marketing you own includes Web Pages, Blogs, Emails, and Social Posts. The marketing you earn includes Backlinks, Interviews, Mentions and Reviews.
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Interview Services
The Interview Era is here. Interviews are one of the most powerful methods of sharing your messaging, knowledge and ideas, whilst at the same time earn credibility and authority in your field. This can be done in an advisory capacity, or as a complete, done-for-you service.
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What are the different types of


What are the potential outcomes of working with Ben?


Content helps your business get found, organically, through search engines. Search engines show the most relevant websites to people searching online. Your content, helps search engine algorithms choose yours to show.


Content generates leads. It shows that you know and understand the market, and that you have goods or services that satisfies needs, wants or desires.


Content can help you be seen as a progressive person or individual. Content that is genuinely of thought-leadership quality and standing will help you and your business become known and respected within your given industry.


Content allows you to position your business in a particular way, that will resonate with your current or potential customers. This in turn will help increase the awareness of your brand, and help you generate more leads.


Content isn't just about customer acquisition, it's also vital for retention. Content helps your current customers to maximise product/service use, maintain loyalty and helps reassure them that they've made the right purchasing decision.


Content can help build a community., through social media platforms, forums and reviews. Content that is community driven can have an even more powerful impact on potential customers than company driven content.

Ben's content creation guarantee

When outsourcing your content marketing efforts to Ben you are getting a guarantee, a guarantee that what he produces will be perfectly suited to your company. There are four elements to this guarantee:



Ben will always produce highly relevant content for your business, your market and your ideal customers. Relevancy is key for a number of reasons.

Firstly, so that your website and business is seem by both customers and search engines as an expert in your field. And secondly, so that all your content and messaging can be connected. This ensures a unified front for all brand-led messaging.



The accuracy of content is essential to its success. If content isn't accurate, it cannot be trusted, therefore, the company or person producing it also cannot be trusted. This is something that both Ben and yourself will not want.

Ben will guarantee the accuracy of all content, both that he produces himself, and that he oversees. This of vital importance.



Not just in terms of the words, but also the design, planning and execution. Quality must be maintained throughout the content process. It must be at the heart of everything, because content is the bridge between businesses and their customers.

If the quality of content is poor, be it in the form of web pages, literature, videos or podcasts, it reflects on the business. Therefore, if the content that's created is to be successful, it must be of sufficient quality in order to build trust. It is this trust that will ultimately lead to the company's goals being achieved.



Creating content shouldn't be a one-time thing. The creation of quality content takes an incredible amount of time, therefore maximising its potential is essential.

When Ben produces content, he looks to ensure it's recyclability, this means giving it the ability to be transformed into other forms of content in order to appeal to different potential customers.

This could include the turning of audio content into written content, video content into audio and written content, or written content into visual content.

Recycling content means you can get more for your money, and reach a wider audience.

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