Why outsourcing your marketing is a smart choice

It is pretty much impossible to do everything yourself, event when you have a marketing team. There are specialisms, technologies and tools, that your in-house team may not yet have the knowledge to carry out, or the time to use them fully.

That’s where outsourcing comes in. It means you can expand your market efforts without having to invest in more full-time employees. You also don’t even have to outsource individual jobs, you can outsource part, or the entirety of your marketing efforts. You can outsource the management and leadership, as well as individual tasks. This means you can have an experienced manager within your business, managing all of your outsourced activities, without all the expenses associated with hiring an experienced leader in-house.

Outsourcing allows you to expand quickly, by bringing in experienced marketers, without all the added long-term expenses of hiring full-time.

Content Marketing

Outsourced Content Marketing

Including blogs, web pages, presentations, PDFs and more. Ben's extensive writing and editing experience will help you to produce detailed, customer focused and goal driven content, through a number of different mediums.

Management & Leadership

Outsourced Management & Leadership

Sometimes you don't have the finances or knowledge in-house to grow a marketing team, By outsourcing your marketing management and leadership you can add experience to your organisation without adding a full-time employee.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Outsourced SEO

SEO is a highly specialised area of marketing. To do it well requires lots of experience & knowledge. It's not just about keywords, it's also about links, site speed, canonical tags, meta data, content and featured snippets. All these elements have to fit together to effectively rank in search engines.

Press Relations (PR)

Outsourced PR

Managing press relations as well as your business can be a tough ask. That's not even taking into account creating various types of press releases, managing brand messaging, organising interviews and outreaching newsworthy content. By outsourcing your PR, you can focus on what you do best, and rest assured that your reputation is being managed.

Social Media

Outsourced Social Media

Engaging in social media is a full time operation. In order to successfully manage your social media channels you need to plan, create, manage and converse, you need someone dedicated to making it happen. That's why you should consider outsourcing your social media management.

Paid Search & PPC

Outsourced Paid Search and PPC

Without proper targeting and effective management paid search can spiral out of control, costing you more than just money. By outsourcing paid search, you can get an expert to set-up, manage and monitor your campaigns, as well as provide advice on how to further improve your ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).

Marketing Training

Specific marketing training and tool training

Having the tools is half the battle, the other half is being able to use them effectively. By outsourcing your training, you are able to bring in an expert who will help you and your team to carry out your marketing activities to maximum effect. Knowledge is power after all.

Market Research

Outsourced market research

Understanding your prospective customers and the market in which they reside is a key component in your marketing arsenal. However, to do it effectively takes time, time out of your everyday jobs. Therefore, outsourcing it, to someone who can also help you to understand it and create a marketing strategy as a result is a wise move.

Bespoke Marketing Activities

Personalised Marketing Services

Not all your marketing needs can be put on a list. Every business is individual, and has individual needs, requirements and budgets. Ben will work closely with you to make sure any marketing needs you have are fulfilled.

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