Switching off provides perspective – Diary Entry 3

Sometimes to do more and achieve more, have have to stop doing things. It may sound counterproductive but, hear me out.

Switching off is one of the most refreshing things you can do in the pursuit of being Comb-Shaped. It helps give you perspective, helps you see new angles and helps you mind wander with new thoughts and creative sparks.

It is not always easy to get the balance right, but if you can switch off in the short term you will reap great benefits in the medium and long term.

Transcript of Diary Entry 3: Switching off provides perspective

Switching off provides perspective entry three in the diary of a comb shaped marketer. Welcome back to the diary of a Comb-Shaped Marketer today. I have just got into work, so seven o’clock in the morning on Monday and I actually had a long weekend away with friends. Which obviously if you’d listened to the entry that I put in this diary on Thursday night, a speaking event Thursday now it’s halfway between where I live and basically where I was going away with a group of friends, um, in west Wales. And I always get really interesting when I go to these things. Well, I’m always interesting obviously, but I mean in terms of my thought processes because one of the things I actually really enjoy is working and I could quite easily work all the time. I could quite easily, I’m quite happily had the whole weekend by myself doing work and enjoy it and have some TV or radio on in the background.

I could go for a walk away, but I could be thinking about work or stuff that I want to do. But every time I go when these long weekends away with people that I really like, it gives me, this gives me perspective and you don’t always find it easy to switch off, but for me, it helps provide perspective. Why not? That’s disease. Where how this relates to being a Comb-Shaped Marketer is, is on something the why. Why is it important to have this time? Because if we do work all time, that is fun. We may peep to get more stuff done, but eventually we may run out of ideas. We run out of things like that spark of what is the point in everything that we’re doing, why are we trying to achieve who’s is full? She by actually switching off, it allows your brain to do so many different things can with so many ideas.

We went out for a walk, to a place called the Blue Lagoon. Beautiful place for you. Do you ever come to whales, go to this place called the blue lagoon and it was there just you to start thinking, why are we doing this? How does this all work? How am I pushing myself? Is this necessarily the right way of doing about this? Is this where I want to be? Is this what I want to achieve now? It didn’t necessarily always cry. I didn’t come with the answers, but that’s absolutely fine because potentially buying, if I hadn’t switched off, I wouldn’t be asking myself these questions. I wouldn’t be did understanding myself and understanding why I’m doing this. Who is this for? So I love my girlfriend to bet and if I keep working all the time, there’s a chance that that relationship wouldn’t necessarily blossom but is actually the fact that what it allows me to really have two and a half days once without my laptop.

I think that was something that was actually really refreshing because I could quite easily be behind the screen of the laptop doing work. Now, something that I think a lot of people will resonate is, is actually you have to have, I have to have something you can do and that is the most important part. Switching off I think is switching off doesn’t mean not doing anything necessarily. Switching off means doing something very different. It switching off from the daily routine because yes, you will think about this stuff and yes, I wrote loads of note to my Evernote. I wrote things, I did check LinkedIn, I did tweet a few times, but I’ve made a conscious effort of not actually doing it in a way to say work capacity.

And that is something. There’s a lot. Yeah, it just allowed me to do and think differently. And now when I’ve come back into work as well, now I feel more refreshed, ready to go. I feel I’ve got a new lease of life again and it may just walk two and a half days of not doing work. I think black, you make me a lot more efficient, a lot better worker over the coming week or two weeks because I’ve now got two weeks’ worth of ideas, two weeks’ worth of energy that I want to put into this. And that is really exciting. So for those of you thinking that navy switching off isn’t the thing to do, that this doesn’t help you achieve more, hasn’t helped you do more, I tell you that you’re wrong.

I’d very much argue that actually switching off, although it’s a small short term sacrifice, the medium and long term gains of being able to switch off a much higher. Now the difficulty is obviously in balance because if you switch off too much you don’t get nothing done, you work too hard. It means you don’t have perspective. It’s tough to get a pound and you probably like me will not get it right straight away. So when weak sometimes you will, sometimes you won’t. But I as I implore that you do switch off so not is diary entry number three. Now I’ve got some really interesting things that I think and make it in the diary this week as I start thinking and moving some things on some of the needles. So yeah, diary entry three done. I’m pretty sure I’ll be writing. Well speaking, speaking back into this diary, probably within the next day or so because I’ve got loads of thoughts and ideas as I said, my brains going haywire and I want to share all this stuff with you because this is while this is what the diary’s all about. So thank you very, very much for listening, and I’ll be back very soon with another diary entry. Good bye.