The Importance of Self Critique – Diary Entry 4

Self Critique is one of the most important ways in which you can keep progressing. if you can be honest with yourself, and open about how you can improve then you will take real strides forward.

I’m a big believer in self analysis and critique as a way of understanding how to be better, and you should too. you should look back on what you did 6 months, 1 year or 2 years ago. see how you’ve changed and improved.

let’s get self critical.

Transcript from Diary Entry 4: The Importance of Self-Critique

The importance of self-critique entry four in the diary of comb shaped marketer. Hello and welcome back to the diary of a comb shaped marketer. Now today I’m going to talk a little bit about self-critique and how this is something that everyone who is aspiring to be more comb-shaped or just wants to become better essentially. That anything they do and how important self-critique is and it’s when those things, I love self-critique because if you do it right you can learn so much. Yes, you won’t have all the answers and you can, I don’t believe that you can purely improve through self-critique. However, what it does enable us to do is be really honest with yourself. Actually what I found it of is people can take things really personally when they’re given by someone else either because of the person, because of the delivery, because they disagree with that.

Now with self-critique, if you can do it well and actually you can learn and actually make sense, maybe even get an external opinion to back it up. This an incredible way of improving your own performance because you can’t get offended by your own thoughts. Yes. You may see those go, oh I wish I didn’t think that, but ultimately sell critique allowed you to be really honest with yourself. It allows you to actually improve cause that you haven’t, you’re the only thing standing in the way is you actually doing it. Not In you deciding whether you do or don’t agree with what’s being said. The reason that I thinking about self-critique in this particular episode is the video came back from a talk I was giving empowering a co two weeks ago and it’s about how to build a selling system based on authority and a common thread and it was in Paris for a company called Socialbakers.

They were holding a from their engage conferences there and I was really lucky enough to be invited over to speak and watching the video back is when those things, you look at it and you go, Oh God, do I really sound like that? Do I? Do I really move like that? But yes I do. And once you can get over that initial thing, yes there are bits in this in the I’m looking at particularly that I need to, but once you get over that initial, oh it’s me and by self-critiquing, you allow yourself to be honest with yourself. You see there’s certain things in there that you want to improve or change or adapt. Going forward watching this video series on YouTube, we’ve had been dynamic Roberts on Youtube. We should be able to find it. I look at it and I go, actually there are two there some times where I don’t deliver key point as well as I wanted to.

There are times when I’m on transitioning from the left to the right to the stage I’m doing it while I’m trying to explain a key point. Little things like that that’s self-critique yourself evaluation. It will allow me to keep [inaudible] at becoming a better speaker. Also won’t self-critique. I will allow me to do and what continues to do for me, and this is where I think you can help other people as well, is as a speaker, I do not give the exact same talk more than once. I don’t think have ever given the talk say more than once. Why? Because some people will argue, they asked you should have the same speak attack close. Yes, I have variations of that speak attack but upon self-critique in myself where I gave they is like this wouldn’t work for this audience, this particular Salk or these slides within there wouldn’t work for audience.

I watched this video of this talking Paris and some slides. I might, yes, that makes absolute sense for that to be there. Other ones like I maybe I should have moved that later on. Maybe I should have put a transitional slide into that. Maybe I should have delivered it in a different way that this is why I’ll never gave. Well I’ll never give the same talk twice. One because the audience, the, the attendees and the conversation is different too because I should always be looking to improve my presentation. I don’t think I’ll ever sit there and go, that 100% that presentation was a hundred percent bang on always. Why? Because things change. The will changes. I mentioned stuff and then there’s not gonna necessarily go out of date quickly, but I need to be able to react to trends in the market because that’s what our audience expects.

They expect that knowledge or insights and authority if you’re not able to give that you’re giving the same presentation which you delivered two years ago. The Times moved on my friend, so you should be looking back at yourself. You should be as much cringy as it is. I look back at, listen back to the very first episode I did the marketing Buzzword podcast. This other podcast, 90 episodes started in January, 2018 I listened back to the finish with that. I’m like, Oh God, this is awful. But it wasn’t awful. It was awful from the standards that I now have through the experience I now have to the time and effort and energy I’m invested in in podcasting and learning how to do that media and then this podcast again, it’s different way of me actually delivering it on delivering it through different Mike, a different tool.

Literally recording it straight into my phone and probably look back at some of these and I’ll go, what was that all about? Why were you doing it this way? But I’m doing it and now I can self-critique. Now I can make things better. Had I not done it in the first place, had I gone to a talk and how do I not record it that talk. Even if they were just the video and there was no audio for whatever reason, and I didn’t watch back. How are you supposed to improve? You don’t look back. You see it’s really difficult to improve. You can say, I want to do this, but why? What did you learn from doing it previously? What did you get from it? What you wrote these get did you, will you able to live at the piece of information that you needed for them to come out with it with the right attitude and that’s what I’ll do when I self-critique these episodes of the podcast guess is just me spouting stuff where I’m actually asking?

Getting people to think in a way that’s different. I’m not trying to get people to expand their minds than knowledge to embrace things like self-critique to embrace speaking and networking. The talked about our previous episode, this is the stuff that is really important for because other people will have their own opinions but only you can really judge. Is there any for you to really judge yourself? Other people can give advice, say they prefer this but you’ve also got to think about how comfortable is it for you so I’d love for you to let me know if you self-critique, how you self-critique and what benefits and changes you’ve been able to see as a result of that. Thank you very, very much for listening. I will be back very soon, probably Friday with another guest post. Thank you very much listening. Goodbye.