The Power of Speaking and Networking – Diary entry 2

As a Comb-Shaped Marketer your network is vital. its vital for expanding your knowledge and horizons, but also for speaking.

A Comb-Shaped Marketer is a leader and a manager. Speaking is a way for you to showcase not only your knowledge and authority, but also your competency.

By expanding your network, you will learn more and speak more. This is a key part of what it means to be Comb-Shaped.

Episode Transcript – The Power of Networking and Speaking

The power of networking and speaking entry to into the diary of a comb shaped marketer. So yeah, entry two doing well. Second entry into the diary obviously, and I’m today, my thoughts around being a Comb-Shaped Marketer and specifically around the networking and speaking element. Now, as a Comb-Shaped Marketer, you should be thinking about broadening your horizons and actually then becoming an authority in your field by understanding how people work, how the jobs work and being able to convey messages because ultimately being comb shaped means to be a leader, a manager, director, owner, it you get it. These are the people that understand how things work. And tonight I was speaking at an event in Swansea in south Wales called Design Swansea and I was invited to speak at this really cool little event because of a networking opportunity, which led to speaking at another event previously in Swansea, which then led to this speaking event.

It was when I wasn’t until I sat down, that it dawned on me. It was because of building a network that someone found me and asked me to come speak at their event. So when that event then recommended me, this is event and that blows my mind. But also it makes so much sense because there is a real cliche if people do business with people and yes it is a cliche but it is also true and this is what we think about. Um, because we are as good as the power of on network, whereas limited as the power of our network. If we surround ourselves with people that think exactly the same look exactly the same and we don’t broaden horizons, we are limited, we are self-limiting. By broadening our networks and horizons, we are able to create more opportunities for ourselves and create more knowledge for ourselves. These opportunities can come in the form of speaking in this case and speaking is an incredible way of showcasing your knowledge, authority and competency on a topic.

And, that is why I love speaking because for me it’s quite easy for people to write a listicle. It’s easy to do that. That isn’t necessarily what the manager, a leader, a director of the web an only does it not necessarily the role of the country marketing. Yes, a Comb-Shaped Marketer to should be able to write, but actually to lead, I believe is to speak because public and powerful speaking commands so much authority and it’s easy to see the bullshit and the, the lack of competency, but it’s also very important to showcase competency, to showcase knowledge, to showcase how your broader understanding of how whatever topic it is you’re speaking on, whether it’s uh, about personal branding I did today. It’s about content, strategies, philosophies, ways of thinking, ways of working, building teams. It doesn’t matter what the hell it is. It’s about how you tie all this stuff together.

Without building a network, you will struggle to get more speaking events. I know I’m, I’ve done it myself. I’ve applied to speak. I know so many other people that have applied to speak at events and certain events. You almost have to, but what is most important is the you network people. This is where most of my speaking events come from. It’s where most people’s being invincible. You know someone, you spoken at an event and someone’s heard you, they’ve liked you. That personal reputation, building a network. And then they see you posting more. They see further content, knowledge and authority around your topic and that gives you more speaking opportunities.

Networking and speaking go absolutely hand in hand and as a Comb-Shaped Marketer, you should be thinking about this, thinking about the ways in which you should be expanding your network, adding value to your network, driving speaking opportunities as a result of that, because speaking is where the leadership element comes from. That is what a thought leader does. A thought leader doesn’t just, right. Yes. I believe some thought leaders are very, very good at writing and yes, there may be a specialism, but I don’t know a single thought leader that doesn’t speak, I don’t know, a single person. Maybe it’s because maybe it’s just because I had need to keep broadening my network. I don’t know. I’d love to know your thoughts and ideas around this, but for me this is what is extremely important. The power of networking and speaking cannot be ignored. As a comb shape marketer, I want you to think about how your network is. How diverse is it? Are you just looking at me? Two people. Is it people who had just like you lookalikes? Are you broadening? Are you trying to understand how things work? This is why I’m trying to, I have not yet caught it, right? I am doing better and I’m getting more speaking opportunities as a result because you are showcasing authority there.

This is what it means to be a check marks and this is a sort of thing I want to keep sharing in these diary entries, my thoughts, feelings, ideas and general understanding of topics and how things work together and again, I’m recording this at like half 10:30/10:40 on a Thursday night after I came back from an event and that’s why I want this podcast to be, I want to be raw with ideas, thoughts and conversations. I want to be raw and that authenticity with unscripted content, but it’s about me thinking how does, this is basically me thinking aloud and sharing. This is a podcast and please do let me know if you have any other thoughts or ideas around this. The thing of the Comb-Shaped Marketer. I love to know your thoughts. Please share them with me and I’ll be back really soon with another diary entry because I’ve got so many thoughts and feelings, but don’t want to overwhelm you at once. But yeah, I’ll be back really soon with another diary entry. Thank you very much for listening. Goodbye.