What is the Diary of a Comb-Shaped Marketer all about?

What is the Diary of a Comb Shaped Marketer?

The Diary of a Comb-Shaped Marketer is essentially a diary in the form of a podcast. It is the diary of Ben M Roberts, a marketing strategist, author, speaker and podcaster. In each episode Ben lays out his thoughts, ideas and feelings about what it means to be Comb-Shaped. All the while, asking thought provoking questions of the industry, and the people within it. It is about expanding minds, and broadening horizons.

This diary, Ben hopes will serve as a guide, and as a source of inspiration to help more marketers, communicators and business people to become Comb-Shaped. Why? Because marketers that are Comb-Shaped are the future leaders, managers, directors and owners. They are the key decision makers, and their broad knowledge of marketing and business, the roles within it, are what will make them the best people to lead teams and organisations.

That is what the Diary of a Comb-Shaped Marketer is all about.

diary of a comb shaped marketer podcast

Who is it for?

The podcast is for the future marketing managers, leaders and directors. It is for those people, who are generalists, not specialists. It is for marketers that wants to broaden their knowledge, expand their horizons, and have a desire to understand how things are pieced together to form an effective marketing strategy.

If you want to expand your broader knowledge, want to dig a little deeper into what the roles of specialist marketers are, and want to be a future leader, then this podcast is for you.

How will the podcast work?

It will literally be a diary, that will be created as and when worthwhile. This could mean 3-4 a week, or once a week. Ben will not put out podcast episodes just for the sake of it.

Most episodes will consist of just Ben, however, that will not always be the case. He will co-produce some episodes with special guests, who are living the Comb-Shaped philosophy, or those who can help Ben to understand the wider role of marketing, and the people within it.

Where can you listen?
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