Consultancy and
Outsourced Marketing
by Ben M Roberts

Comprehensive consultancy & outsourced marketing
services for your business,including audits, reviews,
training, strategy creation and Implementation

What is marketing consultancy?

A marketing consultant is an individual who is independent of the organisation they are working with. They would generally focus on the wider strategy, identifying opportunities, assessing its implementation and studying the impact on the organisation as a whole.

Consultancy isn’t about carrying out the day-to-day marketing activities. Instead, it is about managing the processes and people to ensure that the realistic marketing goals are being achieved, within a reasonable time frame, and on-budget.

What is outsourced marketing?

Outsourced marketing is a way for business owners to expand their marketing efforts, without having to work at it on a daily basis. This is especially important when an organisation currently has a lack of individuals with significant marketing experience or the time to carry out marketing activities.

Outsourcing marketing activities means that you can get an expert to work on your marketing, while you can focus on the rest of the business. This allows you to grow your marketing activities without the need to growing an expensive in-house marketing team.




Experience & Knowledge

Ben’s marketing experience covers a wide range of industries from Ecommerce and SaaS to Financial Services, Health & Safety, Education and Manufacturing. These range from small 2-3 man businesses through to multi-national corporations.

At each of these businesses, Ben worked in-house. This allowed him to understand how businesses work from the inside, and how they use/manage agencies to fulfil specific specialist tasks. This means he can really understand what in-house marketing teams require in order to meet their desired goals.

Method of working

Whether you are looking for a consultant or to outsource your marketing Ben will dedicate lots of one-to-one time with you and/or your team, either in person or via regular video conferences.

Ben will always take the time to understand not only your business, but also the market in general. This is because your marketing efforts need to impact the market in order to drive leads and sales.

He will not only advise you, and guide you. Ben will also work with you, and train you and your team in order to become self-sufficient. He will help you to not just know that a tool exists, but how to use it, and ensure that it fits into your marketing strategy.

Industries Ben specialises in

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