Marketing Consultancy
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Specialist marketing consultancy services to help businesses
develop their strategies and maximise their resources


What you can expect from Ben as a marketing consultant

Ben knows what it takes to work in a marketing team, in-house, for a brand. His significant experience working for brands, alongside consultants and managing agencies is what makes him different from many other consultants.

From Ben you can expect several things:

  • Diligence – Ben absolutely and always shows the utmost diligence in his work. Everything he produces for you, will be carefully created and accurate with actionable outcomes.
  • Leadership – Ben will help drive your marketing team and efforts forward, by ensuring there is accountability and that marketing team members have what they need to make the most out of their roles.
  • Research – Ben will spend countless hours researching, learning and gathering knowledge on your business, your competitors and the market as a whole to help you make the best possible marketing decisions.
  • Organisation – Ben is organised. He has spent years managing numerous projects, team members and tasks. A consultant who isn’t organised isn’t going to help you to do more, better.
  • Long-term results – There are many small changes you can make that will have an instant impact, but it’s also important that you build for the future. Ben will help you to do that.


All of Ben’s work and advice will be completely unique to you, and your market. He will not “cookie cutter” his advice to fit any business he works with. Ultimately every business is different, and should be treated so, and that’s what you’ll get from Ben.

Marketing Plans & Strategy

Ben will work with you to create an actionable marketing strategy which will help you to reach your desired goals such as qualified leads.

Every single plan is unique, and specifically designed to be achievable with your given resources (capital and people). It will also be split into bite-sized actionable chunks to ensure that you and your marketing team are able to actually use it as part of your marketing efforts.

Audits and Reviews

Being independent from your business, Ben will be in a prime position to accurately audit your current marketing activities and provide detailed summaries with actionable outcomes and outputs.

Detailed reports, with accompanying plans can be complied either on specific aspects of marketing, or on your marketing activities as a whole. And, before any report is published Ben will share it with you to help you to understand what was discovered, how it can be maintained, or how it can be improved.

Custom Training & Workshops

Ben doesn’t believe that simply providing a report and recommendations will suffice for most businesses. Therefore, he will also provide training, support and workshop sessions for you and your teams to help you maximise the marketing tools you are using.

These can be individual or team sessions, focused on strategy, ideas and planning, or on specific tools, tactics and activities. This way you and your teams can grow whilst maintaining their self-sufficiency.

Market Research & Segmentation

It’s not enough to just create marketing material and content without your customers, and their needs and wants in mind. Therefore, Ben will thoroughly research your market, identifying common threads, trends and conversations within the industry.

This research will form the basis of any future marketing activities, and will ensure that any marketing activities carried out will resonate with potential customers in order to generate more qualified leads.

Coaching & Mentoring

Learning is an ongoing process. We are never too knowledgeable or successful to progress. Therefore Ben will work with you, or your team to help aid in continuous development, of ideas, skills and knowledge.

Ben work with you to create a unique training plan that will help you to continuously challenge yourself. Ben will then spend time, in-person, or via video to help provide extra guidance helping you to maximise your marketing efforts.

Bespoke Marketing Services

Not every marketing task fits neatly into a box. Sometimes we have a left-field idea, or just want to try something new. Other times we just don’t have the skills or knowledge in-house, but know we need to get something up and running in a short space of time.

It’s for cases like this that Ben doesn’t box all of his services up. His extensive in-house experience means he can really understand your needs and frustrations, and work with you to overcome them. No matter what your task, Ben will work with you to help make it work.

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