Marketing Plans & Strategies
With Detailed, Actionable
Tactics and Insights

Detailed, crafted and unique marketing plans and strategies based on your business, your resources, and your goals

Why you need a Marketing Plan & Strategy

A marketing plan is a strategic, written document that helps an organisation and the people within it to understand the role and goals of marketing, the methods for growth, and the way in which that growth is going to be achieved.

A good marketing plan should provide a strong pillar around which the rest of your ‘BAU’ (business as usual) marketing activities occur. It shouldn’t be used as a daily tool, but should help ensure that the company is pulling in the same direction, and that everyone understands how their work fits into the overall marketing goals.

What would typically be included in a marketing strategy?

Note that these are just some of the most common elements included. This may not be the case for your company, as Ben will work closely with you to ensure that you have the most fitted strategy for your needs and wants.

External Situational Analysis

A detailed review of your competitors, the market and current position within it, which will help provide guidance as to the work needed, and how tough the road is.

Internal Audit

A detailed and thorough review of all the current marketing activities being undertaken, the resources being used and the results yielded thus far.

Actionable tactics

A section filled with actionable tactics, and tools to make them a success based upon the insights gained from the internal audit and situational analysis.

Branding & Messaging Guidelines

The words, phrases, messaging, colours and imagery that the company will use. This would be both for the business itself and the people within it.

Conversion & Retention

Getting customers is tough, but this section will look at how you convert and retain customers once they’ve been acquired, and increase their lifetime value.

Budgeting & Resources

Insights into the volume of people and financial capital required in order to carry out all of the tactics and activities set out in the marketing plan.

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